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A Question of Origins

A fascinating motion picture revealing evidence against evolutionism. Eye-opening! View in English or Spanish.

God’s redemptive story from beginning to end
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Also watch: About The HOPE Movie (4 min.) — Learn why The HOPE was produced and how you can use it for effective soul-winning. Watch it here!

Free Online Film—I WANT TO KNOW THE THOUGHTS OF GOD. 6 minutes. Ethan Johnson wants to find meaning for his life.
On a journey filled with ultimate questions? Meet Ethan Johnson, your traveling companion…
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The Jesus Film
83 min. (RealPlayer)
the world’s most widely viewed and translated film
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God’s Story Video On-line home

God’s Story streaming video in many languages / a visual exploration of God’s revelations in chronological order - from Creation to Eternity
Free Online Film—ARE YOU GOING TO HEAVEN?. 30 minutes. Find out if YOU are going to heaven. You CAN know for sure.

Are you SURE you know the answer this extremely important question?
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Click to view The Great Dinosaur Mystery

The Great Dinosaur Mystery—Did dinosaurs really become extinct millions of years before the existence of humans?
20 min.
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From around the world come reports of apparitions of the Virgin Mary. Are they real? What do these occurances indicate? What does the Bible say?
87 min.

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Click for Another Interview with God
Another Interview with God
5 min.

Image copyrighted. What single event had the power to SPLIT TIME?
1 min.

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God’s Story Online home
God’s Story AUDIO in numerous languages

Click to hear about dinosaurs and the Bible
Facts about dinosaurs and the Bible
- featuring scientist Dr. Gary Parker and family

The Web Bible
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